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Upcoming libgpm transition


I've just uploaded a new upstream gpm version to experimental, it
bumps the SONAME, and this is needed to fix an RC bug(s). From the

  * Debian broke ABI compatibility with upstream long time ago, the patch
    got merged upstream recently but the new field was added in a different
    place in the structure. With the new 1.20.3~pre3 release Debian had
    to be either incompatible with previous Debian gpm versions or with
    upstream again, but quite helpfully upstream bumped the SONAME.
    (Closes: #412927, #470882, #473496, #476431)
    - Add a new libgpm2 and libgpm-dev packages.
    - Remove the libgpmg1 package.
    - Make the libgpmg1-dev a dummy package to ease the transition.

This will only require binNMUs. So please tell us when it'd be fine to
upload to unstable, although it will have to leave from NEW first.


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