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Bug#484359: Urgencies should all be lower case

clone 484359 -1
reassign -1 debian-policy
retitle -1 Urgencies should all be lower case
reassign 484359 lintian
block 484359 by -1

After discussion with Joerg Jaspert, I'm of the opinion that dak is the
canonical place for valid urgencies to be set.
Thus, sending this back to lintian, cloning to debian-policy, and
blocking this one by the new debian-policy bug.

-policy readers:
urgencies are currently set as lower case only; dak will treat any
unkown urgency (including upper cased ones) as 'low'. Britney also
doesn't pay attention to non-lower-case urgencies.

5.6.17 says urgencies are case-*in*sensitive, and should be changed (IMO

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