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Re: Status update for xulrunner 1.9 - maintainers, we need you


Here is a status update for the coming xulrunner 1.9 transition.

Bugs have been files to follow necessary updates on the reverse
dependencies. The list can be seen with the following url:


You'll note 10 packages have already been prepared, 2 are waiting in
NEW, and 6 have patches, which leaves 17 packages remaining.

gcj-4.2 and gcj-4.3 will obviously wait for the current packages in
unstable to migrate to testing before being prepared to the future
transition. I plan to NMU classpath, vlc, mozilla-traybiff and
pcmanx-gtk2, probably tonight.

I've now been preparing an upload for xulrunner 1.9rc1 to experimental,
which should happen tonight, too. Some reverse dependencies currently in
experimental, most notably epiphany, will need rebuilding. I don't know
if binNMUs can be triggered for experimental ?

With 17 packages left to be prepared, I realistically can't updload
xulrunner 1.9 in unstable by sunday, as initially planned.

Also, Matthias Klose invited to wait for gcj-4.2 and gcj-4.3 to migrate to
testing, which, according to buildd logs and excuses, should just happen
soon enough to not be a problem.

What does the release team think of the following new timeline:

  NMU packages with patches.
  Upload xulrunner 1.9~rc1-1 to experimental

Now-May 27
  Prepare 8 of the remaining 17 packages (leaving 7 + openvrml and
  gtk2hs, which are not in testing)

May 27
  Upload xulrunner 1.9~rc1-2 to unstable
  Trigger binNMUs for mediatomb, libjavascript-perl, gxine, edbrowse,
  freej and bfilter.
  Upload the 8 updated packages + gcj-4.2 and gcj-4.3, as NMU or MU.
  Bump severity for remaining bugs to serious.

May 27-
  Fix the remaining 7 packages.

If you have preferences for the list of 8 packages to go first, feel
free to tell me.



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