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Re: poppler 0.8.0 SONAME transitions

* Loïc Minier [Mon, 21 Apr 2008 15:57:42 +0200]:

>         Hi,

>  poppler 0.8.0 bumps SONAME for libpoppler, libpoppler-glib and
>  libpoppler-qt4; this requires rebuilds of:
>     abiword
>     claws-mail-extra-plugins
>     epdfview
>     evince
>     gambas2
>     gimp
>     koffice
>     luatex
>     pdfcube
>     popplerkit.framework
>     referencer
>     ruby-gnome2
>     texlive-bin
>     tracker

All scheduled, thanks, along with inkscape, kdegraphics, and tellico.

(In general, for transitions at large a list of what to binNMU is not
needed, we'll be composing it ourselves anyway. If there's any
particularity about any of the involved packages, though, mentioning it
is most welcome. ;)

> I rebuilt
> some big rbdeps like kde stuff and heard from texlive folks that their
> poppler patch was still working with 0.8.

Oh, and many thanks for this.


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