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Re: unblocks, age and syncs for d-i beta 2 - first list

Migrated an synced:

> unblock nbd/1:2.9.11--1
> unblock iso-codes/2.1-1
> unblock kbd/1.14.1-2
> unblock klibc/1.5.9-2
> unblock ppp/2.4.4rel-10
> unblock sysfsutils/2.1.0-4
> unblock ttf-freefont/20080323-3
> os-prober/1.25
> ttf-indic-fonts/1:0.5.3
> user-setup/1.20
> flash-kernel/1.11 # please wait ack from tbm
> glantank/1.8      # please wait ack from tbm

Need ageing, will sync when migrated (if you want urgents for any, just
say and I can take a look at the changelogs):

> unblock cpuburn/1.4-32
> unblock console-data/2:.1.07-3
> unblock installation-report/2.35
> unblock libdebian-installer/0.58
> unblock cdebootstrap/0.5.2

RC buggy:

> unblock busybox/1:1.9.2-3
> unblock util-linux/

> Sync
> ----

All 70 udeb-only packages synced, that is, source + udebs.
multipath-udeb synced as well.

I think I got things right -- if something needs undoing, there is time
until dinstall.


Adeodato Simó                                     dato at net.com.org.es
Debian Developer                                  adeodato at debian.org
                                    Listening to: Hooverphonic - Sarangi

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