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Re: asterisk/powerpc was built within a broken chroot and can't go to testing

> I just noticed asterisk doesn't want to go to testing, because it
> depends on powerpc on libtonezone1 (>= 1:1.4.10) - which however isn't
> in Debian yet (but only 1:1.4.10~dfsg*).


Strange,  I didn't do anythign special with my build envrioment, I'll have
a look and see if there is something funny, but i should of been using the
plain libtonezone from debian..
> Please make sure in future all of your packages are built within a clean
> chroot (i.e. only binary packages comming from the suite you're building
> for are installed there). In this specific case, I scheduled an NMU
> (after waisting some time searching for the reason).

Thanks for the NMU and hinting. (Oh, and working around my spam filter)


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