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Re: Few unblocks from packages that won't hunt now

* Otavio Salvador [Fri, 09 May 2008 23:12:48 -0300]:

> Hello RM team,

> Here goes a list of unblocks that won't hunt d-i beta 2 release
> neither break current beta 1 images. Please add:

> unblock debian-archive-keyring/2008.04.16+nmu1
> unblock debootstrap/1.0.9
> unblock directfb/1.0.1-8
> unblock glib2.0/2.16.3-2
> unblock gtk+2.0/2.12.9-3
> unblock localization-config/1.03
> unblock lvm2/2.02.35-1


> I also have a doubt if sync of migrated packages are being done. Last
> time we talked at #debian-release, I understood that britney was doing
> it as part of migration to testing step but we have few packages out
> of sync in lenny. Obviously, the above ones also require sync.

> Please, could someone clarify it to me? How I should ask for sync of
> sources, if necessary?

I'm syncing udebs by hand, and plan on automating it a bit (always for
packages that migrated to testing already, and hence were approved by
D-I RM first).

This week I had a bit of backlog, it's cleared now (pixman and cairo
udebs just got in). For the packages above, plus ttf-dejavu, udebs will
migrate after tonights britney run.


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