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Re: Will nvidia-graphics-drivers ever transition to testing?

Le May 10, 2008 01:32:35 pm Mike Bird, vous avez écrit :
> nvidia-graphics-drivers was removed from testing ten months ago.[0]
> New versions cannot transition to testing because of dependencies
> on modules which are only built by module-assistant.[1]  These m-a
> built modules are apparently unknown to Britney.[2]
> Will nvidia-graphics-drivers ever transition to testing?[3]
Nobody knows. Debian NVIDIA Maintainers currently severely lack manpower. As 
Randall wrote several time, any help is welcome. On a quite related note, 
there's also a severe lack of bug triaging. I plan to get back to it once an 
issue with the BTS is solved.

> Will nvidia-graphics-drivers be included in EtchAndAHalf?[4]
Good question, I don't think this has been discussed yet. It's not clear 
what's the etch and a half plan for updated LKM sources and new prebuilt 
modules (if there's any). I think a possibility would be:
update nvidia-graphics-drivers-legacy
add nvidia-graphics-drivers-96xx
optionally add nvidia-graphics-drivers-current (name is just an idea)

In any case, strictly speaking, nvidia-graphics-drivers (the source package) 
will be kept in etch.

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