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Fix qsynth KDE meny entry in Etch?

For Debian Edu/Etch, I would like to update qsynth and fix bug
#415327.  The issue at hand is that it is hard to explain for
unskilled users how to get rosegarden with a software synthesizer to
work.  One need to start in sequence (1) JACK Control, (2) qsynth and
(3) rosegarden.  (1) and (3) have entries in the KDE menu, while (2)
do not because of a typo in the install rule for the desktop file.
This make it hard(er) to document how to do this, and I would very
much like to solve this for Etch.  The issue is already solved in
unstable and will propagate into Lenny soon.  Would such change be
accepted into Etch?

Here is the complete patch in question.

diff -ur qsynth-0.2.5/debian/rules qsynth-0.2.5-new/debian/rules
--- qsynth-0.2.5/debian/rules	2008-05-04 23:16:37.000000000 +0200
+++ qsynth-0.2.5-new/debian/rules	2008-05-04 23:16:23.000000000 +0200
@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@
 	# Add here commands to install the package into debian/qsynth.
 	$(MAKE) install prefix=$(CURDIR)/debian/qsynth/usr
-	install -m 664 desktop $(CURDIR)/debian/qsynth/usr/share/applications/
+	install -m 664 desktop $(CURDIR)/debian/qsynth/usr/share/applications/qsynth.desktop
 	chmod 664 $(CURDIR)/debian/qsynth/usr/share/pixmaps/qsynth.xpm

The problem to solve is that the file name "desktop" is ignored by the
KDE menu system, while "qsynth.desktop" is not.

I can provide a NMU to solve it for Etch.  The maintainer seem to be
missing (no uploads since 2006), and I've reported this to mia@qa.
This make me believe he will not solve it himself in Etch.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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