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technical britney IRC meeting?


I would propose that we make an IRC meeting for the technical
discussions about britneys future. Policy things are not part of that,
and I'm happy to adjust results later on for policy reasons.

IMHO the following issues should be decided:

- How do we move current existing improvements from britney2 to britney?

- What is the long-term development plan for britney?

- How do we track feature requests? How is recorded who working on them?

- Which features do we want to see in the executed code prior to
  release?  Which of them are realistic to achive, and how do we do
  that? (Moving this to the last issue because this depends on the
  results from above, and also is quite policy-bound, so perhaps
  reducing this to "which features could be available easily", so that
  the release team could do some ordering later.)

Would that be ok? if so, whould would like to take part? time proposals?


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