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Re: Bug#427697: sbackup uses a non-existent group.

* Charles Plessy [Wed, 16 Apr 2008 16:22:11 +0900]:

> sbackup tries to write its files under root:admin, but the 'admin' group does
> not exist on default Debian installations.


> Dear maintainer and/or release team, is it OK to raise the severity of this bug

I think this bug should be Severity: serious, yes. As for the rest, I
recommend you use your best judgement, or ask for advice on -devel. My
personal advice would be to mail the maintainer directly, since he's
also the upstream author and I don't think he's MIA.


> and/or prepare a NMU to change the group? If yes, can a more experienced person
> than me suggest a group that makes sense?

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