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Some packages in NEW


I have a couple of packages in the NEW holding queue.

vnc4 (split vncpasswd to own package)
tightvnc (split vncpasswd to own package)
linux-patch-openvz (renamed from kernel-patch-openvz)

All of them has been rejected because of comments. All the issues
has then been corrected and a new upload been made.

I would like to know what the status is and if I can rely on that they
will be accepted before freeze of lenny. Especially the linux-patch-openvz
is important as the kernel-patch-openvz package has been removed from
unstable (because of name change).

I understand that you are fully occupied and I may be a bit
impatient. Sorry for that. However I'm very interested in getting
those packages in to Debian in good time before the Lenny freeze.

The vnc packages are also important in order to go forward with the packaging
of xf4vnc that I'm the process of packaging.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

// Ola

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