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Maybe both packages need to add epochs

clone 402811 -1 -2 -3
reassign -1 linux-modules-contrib-2.6
reassign -2 linux-modules-extra-2.6
reassign -3 linux-modules-nonfree-2.6

module-assistant and linux-modules-* need to agree on a consistent
versioning scheme, and both need to add epochs to the kernel
module packages they generate, since current behavior as to whose
packages can be upgraded to whose varies depending on the version
number of the package that's currently installed.

(I believe that module-assistant's packages should have an epoch that's
one higher than linux-modules-*'s epoch so that linux-module-*'s
packages cannot ever supercede module-assistant's potentially
customized versions of the same modules, but this may be a debatable

acx100-source (whose version number is 20070101-3) will prefer
module-assitant at the moment, since 20070101-3+2.6.24 (m-a's) >>
2.6.24+20070101-3 (l-m-e's). module-assistant versions built before fixing
m-a will supercede those built after fixing m-a if an epoch is not

on the other hand, it isn't correct to merely fix linux-modules-extra,
because other modules have the reverse situation
ivtv-source (whose version number is 0.16.4-2) will upgrade
module-assistant's modules to linux-modules-extra's versions, since
1.0.3-2+2.6.24 (m-a's) << 2.6.24+1.0.3-2 (l-m-e's). 


Ken (Chanoch) Bloom. PhD candidate. Linguistic Cognition Laboratory.
Department of Computer Science. Illinois Institute of Technology.

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