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BinNMUing packages linking against libgnutls13

libgnutls26 has been part of etch for two months now, and the old
version libgnutls13 definitly should not be shipped in lenny. (Dummy
bug: #475663)

(SID)ametzler@argenau:~$ apt-cache rdepends libgnutls13 | wc
     69      70     976
(SID)ametzler@argenau:~$ apt-cache rdepends libgnutls26 | wc
    110     111    1558

Please schedule binNMUs of all rdeps of libgnutls13 *except* *for*
*lynx* (#468769) to rebuild them against libgnutls26.

I am assuming you have already got a magic script to do this kind of
thing. If not, and it is necessary to do grunt work with grep-available
instead please do not hesitate to point me in the respective

thanks, cu andreas
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