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authorization request for an ocaml 3.10.2 transition

Hi release-rs,
  the current OCaml version in testing is 3.10.1, the latest upstream
release is 3.10.2 and comes with a handful, though important bug fixes
(most about violate type safety). For this reason, the Debian OCaml
Maintainers team would be really happy to release Lenny with 3.10.2.

The transition would first require a few uploads of new usptream
versions (for example of camlp5) to ensure compatibility with OCaml
3.10.2. Then we will need the usual round of binNMUs of all libraries
(about 90 source packages).

Of course we won't go ahead without release manager permissions at this
point in time of the Lenny release. We hereby ask your permission to go
ahead and any other comments/suggestions you might have on the subject.


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