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Re: Default value for CFLAGS/LDFLAGS set by dpkg

> a few days ago we had a discussion on IRC about numerous problems created
> by a change in dpkg-dev:
> - http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=465282
> doko pointed out that several packages had to be updated to cope with the
> change and most notably the libc which had a run-time failure due to the
> default value set to LDFLAGS.
> A rebuild by Lucas also showed around 80-100 packages which FTBFS with
> this version of dpkg-dev.

I still have to go through this list to comment on the failures. Could
you make the list available somewhere so that maybe others can help
with this?

> Last I heard Frank (djpig) and Andreas (aba) were discussung together the
> issue but I haven't seen any decision yet. Given that I want to prepare
> dpkg for the next upload, I'd like that we take a decision on this issue.
> I'd like to suggest an intermediary solution: we don't revert the feature
> but we remove the default value for LDFLAGS. I think that most run-time
> and build-time failures have been caused by the change on this variable.

In this case it might be better to not export empty flags at all (but
maybe notice this in the output as well).

> Does that seem acceptable? For lenny+1, we can reintroduce the original
> default value.

sure, there are a few build failures with CFLAGS in the environment as
well (grub), but imo these should be fixed in the packaging itself.


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