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Re: Why is package cln not in testing yet?


On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 12:38:03PM +0100, Richard B. Kreckel wrote:
> <http://release.debian.org/migration/testing.pl?package=cln> tells me
> that updating cln makes 13 depending packages uninstallable. Among  
> others, libqalculate, which is waiting for cln. This is clearly a  
> circular dependency. Other such packages are libginac1.4 and xorsa, but  
> those two have the same versions in testing and unstable and install 
> fine.

the package is already hinted by Steve, but it is blocked by missing
builds of qalculate-kde and orsa.  The binNMUs of the latter failed back
on Jan 31, so they needed to be given-back now.  The build priority
got improved too, so let's wait when the buildd pick it up and if
it all works out successfully.

Thanks for the remember,
Philipp Kern
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