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sparc builds and issues with lebrun?


 While wading through the testing transitions of pkg-games packages I
noticed some packages in general cathegory Building with actual status
Maybe-Failed - all of them because of xorg/sdl or other build dependency
uninstallable issues at that time. It would be nice to get those
rescheduled for building on sparc:

dd2, dreamchess, etw, lordsawar, netpanzer, ppracer, qonk, ri-li

 But, taking a closer look, all of those are having issues on the same
sparc buildd host: lebrun. Taking a closer look the thing seems to be
worse than thought: 151 packages in Maybe-Failed status with waiting
times of in parts over 100 days:

 I wonder if there is a general problem with that buildd host or its
buildd admin or some of the work flow to get those packages pushed back?
Maybe something got overlooked somewhere, spam filtered away, whatever...

 Thanks for any response in advance,

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