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Re: netconf & lenny: possible freeze exception?

martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> writes:
> Having already talked to Andi on IRC, I understand that you have
> reservations about making exceptions during the freeze. This is why
> I bring up the issue now already, in the hope that it won't need an
> "exception" anymore by the time August comes around.

How does it become less of an exception if we decide now or later? The
decision to handle it differently would need to be made either way.

Anyway, as you, quite correctly, observed, the restrictions of a freeze
are less strict on packages that have no r-deps and no users (like
vaporware). I would propose a simple agreement: You will be able to
update netconf after lenny was frozen, but will need to fix any upcoming
release critical issues in less than a week. If you fail to do so,
netconf will be removed and not allowed back in.

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