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Re: update sun-java5 in non-free to close #462622

Le January 31, 2008 08:39:52 pm Tom Marble, vous avez écrit :
> Please consider the uploading of 1.5.0_14 as previously mentioned
> as a "timely reaction from the Java maintenance team".
> Please make this fix available to etch users, not just sid users
> (a timely reaction from the Debian Release Team :-) ).
As I was trying to say, it's the (Debian) Sun Java maintainance team's 
responsability to upload a fixed package for stable.

If the maintainance team doesn't react timely and nobody else proposes a fixed 
package to the security team, then it will be the release team's 
responsability to remove the RC-buggy package from stable. As the bug was 
just reported, it's still too early for intervention from the release team.

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