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Give-back for xmlrpc-c/1.06.21-1


while working on one of its rdepends, I've notice the following about

 - OOD on ia64, powerpc. Marked as Uploaded for 76d. Probably related to
   the downtime we had 2.5 months ago. I guess a give-back will do.
 - Needs-Build on hppa, sparc. Nothing to do AFAICS.
 - Failed on s390. However the build log says it was successful, so I
   don't really know what's wrong (nothing mentioned in P-a-s AFAICS).

Could you please give it back on ia64, powerpc?


Cyril Brulebois

PS: In case someone is wondering:
16:51 <KiBi> Do you want me to take care of this? Or will you?
16:52 <seanius> by all means go ahead

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