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[stable] kernel plan for 4.0r3

This mail is to clarify the plan wrt linux-2.6 and 4.0r3, based on IRC
conversations with zobel and fjp.

There is currently an ABI-changing security update being prepared (on
autobuilders now). I would expect this kernel DSA to release by
Friday, if all goes well. As this is an ABI change, the DSA will also
include a number of other packages that are affected by the ABI change
(such as linux-latest-2.6 and loop-aes). This will be
2.6.18.dfsg.1-17etch1 and have ABI 6.

Simultaneously, I'd like to get a new kernel uploaded to p-u that
contains a fix for #461493, inclusive of the security fixes. This
would be version 2.6.18.dfsg.1-18 also with ABI 6. I'll basically be
AFK Sat->Mon, so I'd like to upload this for autobuilding early
Friday (US). If anyone on the kernel team has additional pending
stable patches that they don't want to wait for 4.0r4, please let me

Once these packages are available in p-u, I'll notify Frans who can
then start the d-i work for 4.0r3.

dann frazier

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