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Re: networkmanager binNMU for libnl1-pre8/6

Cyril Brulebois wrote:
On 21/01/2008, Paul Wise wrote:
network-manager needs a binNMU on all arches because it still depends
on libnl1-pre8 on some architectures and libnl1-pre6 on others. The
new package name is libnl1.

Speaking of which, it isn't built everywhere, so you might want to set a
Dep-Wait on libnl-dev >= 1.1-1 to ensure everything goes fine.

I'm not sure how libnl gained on mipsel a Dep-Wait on libgraphviz3 >=
2.12-4, but that looks bogus. Since graphviz is in B-D, it might be that
it got confused by the libgraphviz3 to libgraphviz4 transition (from
2.12-5 to 2.16-3 for unstable). I guess it's safe to just clear it.

The Dep-Wait on libpoppler1 on sparc looks like bogus as well, clearing
it should help figure out whether there are some more troubles with the
sparc build.

Putting the maintainer in the loop so that he can keep an eye on the
build status of this package.

I planned to do a sourceful upload of network-manager today or tomorrow. That's why I didn't request a binNMU.

What should be looked at, as Cyril already pointed out, is the Dep-Waits of libnl on mipsel and sparc.


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