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Re: Bug#453435: cpio cannot read its own tarfiles

Ian Jackson wrote:
> Luk Claes writes ("Re: Bug#453435: cpio cannot read its own tarfiles"):
>> Can you please include a diff so we can review it and have an idea about
>> the impact of the update?
> Well, as Clint says, I expect the diff would be something like that in
> #358990.  But note that I haven't reviewed that diff for correctness
> and I don't know whether in fact that was the exact change made in sid
> to fix #358990; nor do I know whether the same diff is correct in the
> context of etch's cpio.
> Russell Stuart appears to be the author of that patch and Clint seems
> to have reviewed it.  If they're too busy then I'd be happy to check
> it again but I just wanted to be clear that my role so far has really
> just been as a bug submitter who thinks that a bug described in the
> way #358990 is probably ought to be fixed in stable.
> My bug was indeed #453435.  Clint thought that was a manifestation of
> #358990 which seems plausible and I have seen no reason to doubt that
> conclusion.  My comments about updating stable are based on reading
> #358990: the proposed for a stable update should be regarded as a fix
> for #358990.

Please upload a fix to stable. Thanks already.



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