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Re: binNMU request: libgraphviz3 => libgraphviz4

On 15/01/2008, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Following the upload of graphviz_2.16-3, anjuta, ggobi and
> python-pygraphviz are not installable anymore. Please binNMU them, to
> rebuild them rebuild against libgraphviz4.

Please don't, a sourceful upload is waiting for a sponsor.

> anjuta_2:2.2.3-2, rebuild against libgraphviz4

No, a sourceful upload happened already: 2:2.2.3-3.

> ggobi_2.1.6-1, rebuild against libgraphviz4

A sourceful upload should happen soon, Cc-ing edd.

> python-pygraphviz_0.35.dfsg-2

See above, no.


Cyril Brulebois

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