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Re: Can aptitude be rebuilt on stable?


On Sun Dec 30, 2007 at 11:44:35 -0800, Daniel Burrows wrote:
>   I was recently reminded that the version of aptitude in etch still
> has bug #415468, now re-opened as bug #438725.  To summarize, it means
> that aptitude's manpage looks like this:
>            To select a particular version of the package, append
>            “\fB=<version>\fR” to the package name: for instance,
>            “\fBaptitude install apt=0.3.1\fR”. Similarly, to select a
>            package from a particular archive, append “\fB/<archive>\fR”
>            to the package name: for instance, “\fBaptitude install

yes, that looks ugly.

>   This has been fixed for a long time in unstable, but the fix didn't
> make it into etch.  Luckily, the version of DocBook that shipped with
> etch generates correct output for the version of the aptitude
> documentation that shipped with etch.  So all that's needed is a simple
> rebuild and aptitude's manpages will be readable again.
>   Is it possible that an aptitude rebuild could be worked into the next
> stable revision?

Actually, i do not see the severity for this bug to be release-critical.
It looks ugly, but hey, one can still read it. So i would say: no. Luk,
Andi, if you are different opinion, please say so.


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