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Re: library transition from libpisync0 to libpisync1

Ludovic Rousseau a écrit :

A new upstream version (0.12.3) of pilot-link as been released. The version now provides the libpisync1 package (with /usr/lib/libpisync.so.1.0.3) instead of libpisync0 (with /usr/lib/libpisync.so.0.0.2)

Only 2 Debian packages depends on libpisync0 and will have to be rebuilt. They are:
Reverse Depends:
  libpisock-dev,libpisync0 0.12.2-11

The version 0.12.3 of pilot-link (with libpisync1) is available in experimental.

I recompiled evolution and gnome-pilot with the version of libpisync1 from experimental and compilation was fine.

I would like to have a GO before I upload pilot-link 0.12.3 to unstable.

I got no anwser from debian-release so I uploaded pilot-link 0.12.3-2 to unstable.

I also filed bug #458728 asking a rebuild of evolution and bug #458729 asking a rebuild of gnome-pilot.


 Dr. Ludovic Rousseau

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