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Can aptitude be rebuilt on stable?

  I was recently reminded that the version of aptitude in etch still
has bug #415468, now re-opened as bug #438725.  To summarize, it means
that aptitude's manpage looks like this:

           To select a particular version of the package, append
           “\fB=<version>\fR” to the package name: for instance,
           “\fBaptitude install apt=0.3.1\fR”. Similarly, to select a
           package from a particular archive, append “\fB/<archive>\fR”
           to the package name: for instance, “\fBaptitude install

  This has been fixed for a long time in unstable, but the fix didn't
make it into etch.  Luckily, the version of DocBook that shipped with
etch generates correct output for the version of the aptitude
documentation that shipped with etch.  So all that's needed is a simple
rebuild and aptitude's manpages will be readable again.

  Is it possible that an aptitude rebuild could be worked into the next
stable revision?


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