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Re: libmtp6 -> libmtp7 transition

* Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org> [2007-11-28 13:27]:

> On Wed, Nov 28, 2007, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> > Now that the libmtp5 -> libmtp6 transition is completed in testing, it is
> > time to start the libmtp6 -> libmtp7 transition.  I uploaded today
> > libmtp_0.2.4 to unstable, which has the new SOVERSION.  Please, build/test
> > your packages against this new version of libmtp.
>  Did the API change?

I am not completely sure but I think that only the ABI changed. From the
upstream ChangeLog:

2007-10-16  Jeff Mitchell <kde-dev@emailgoeshere.com>
        * src/Makefile.am: interface to libmtp.so.7.0.0 (incompatible,
          device_entry_struct members changed)


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