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Re: please binNMU otags on all archs

On Mon, Nov 26, 2007 at 04:32:06PM -0500, Mike Furr wrote:

> Recently a new version of the camlp5 package was uploaded to unstable. 
> The otags package does the OCaml equivalent of dlopen'ing files in this 
> package, but the new files are no longer compatible.  Please schedule a 
> rebuild of the package "otags" on all architectures to fix this.

> If I read the wiki page correctly, here's the formatted request:

> otags_3.09.3-2, rebuild against newer camlp5, 1, all

Scheduled.  (BTW, "all" is meant to be an explicit list of archs on which
the package is available and in need of rebuild, but no harm done here).

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