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update-excuses.html doesn't match buildd.debian.org

Found this through http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/testing.pl?package=bubblemon.

2.0.7-1 (latest build at Oct 25 07:03: maybe-successful)

Update-excuses from Google's cache (can't reach the original now),
generated on the fourth of November:
Generated: 2007.11.04 10:06:45 +0000
# bubblemon (2.0.5-4 to 2.0.7-1)
    * Maintainer: Jose Carlos Medeiros
    * 42 days old (needed 10 days)
    * out of date on arm: bubblemon (from 2.0.5-4)
    * out of date on hppa: bubblemon (from 2.0.5-4)
    * Not considered

Note how buildd says that bubblemon was built on Oct 25, but
update-excuses says that bubblemon is still out of date on hppa almost
two weeks later.

Don't know for how long this Google cache link is valid, but here's
the one I used:|lang_sv&client=firefox-a

Otherwise just search Google for "update-excuses" and click on the
cache link for the first hit.

  Regards //Johan

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