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libcdio SONAME transition (aka: bothering release team)


 libcdio changed SONAME/package name without warning; maintainer thinks
 the release team shouldn't be bothered for such a small transition;
 could you please clarify whether it's ok to bother the release team for
 transitions like this one?

 If that's ok with you, please schedule bin NMUs for:

 Dep wait would be libcdio-dev >= 0.78.2+dfsg1-1 I guess.

 NB: I excluded vcdimager as it seems to have been reuploaded already
 (maintainer is the same as libcdio).

Loïc Minier
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On Wed, Oct 17, 2007 at 03:51:19PM +0200, Loïc Minier wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 17, 2007, Peder Chr.N�rd wrote:
> > The subject says most of it.  libcdio has changed the name of its
> > major .deb package from libcdio6 to libcdio7.
>  Thanks; you shouldn't file individual bugs but the maintainer of
>  libcdio should contact the release team to schedule rebuilds of the
>  packages depending on libcdio6.  Reassigning to let the maintainer
>  have this in the libcdio TODO.

Do you really think it's worth bothering the release team for such a 
small library transition (it affects something like 5 source packages)?
I thought I'd rather ask the individual maintainers to re-upload that 
bother the release team. Moreover, the maintainers would the have the 
opportunity to check that the transition does not break anything. I 
thought I'd wait a few days, and then file bugs against affected 
packages, asking for a re-upload.

If you disagree and would not accept to re-upload, feel free to bother 
the release team yourself.



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