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glibc 2.7


  Glibc upstream announced recently that the glibc 2.7 will be tagged
and released very soon (probably on Oct 17[0]). This release (for what
I've seen) has a lot of bugfixes (on nscd, locales, and many issues we
reported in Debian). It also has the stubs to use eventfd's and
timerfd's (new linux system calls).

  We initially thought this release would happen a lot later, and
weren't sure that we could even contemplate the idea of packaging it for
lenny. It seems it may change.

  I'm hence warning that the glibc team is considering (given enough
testing in experimental) pushing a 2.7 glibc for lenny. This is not for
tomorrow, but I prefer to warn so that the release team can anticipate
things. I hope that we will be able to begin glibc 2.7 uploads (in
experimental) during November, depending on how well the builds will
work (or even build) we will be able to have more insight on a date for
an unstable upload.


  [0] http://sourceware.org/ml/libc-alpha/2007-10/msg00010.html
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