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Re: copyright infringement in bos

Robert Millan <rmh@aybabtu.com> (29/08/2007):
> Looks like the music files in bos are not legaly distributable.  This
> is an excerpt from an IRC conversation (in #bos / freenode):
> 18:43 < feb> nyu: still have that bug with 2.4 ?
> 19:02 < nyu> feb: nope.  but I wonder why the music went away
> 19:03 < nyu> it was nice with 1.1
> 19:05 < feb> nyu: it got removed because we didnt have the right to
>              distribute it [...]
> 20:17 < nyu> usunoro: the sound effects and voices are properly licensed?
> 20:17 < usunoro> i believe so

My point of view has been asked about this, since I'm packaging boswars,
which is the fusion of both stratagus and bos. If as it seems there are
legal troubles with bos, I guess it is quite safe to upload a fixed
packaged (e.g. by NMUing it), removing offending parts. The package
currently worked on being another source package, I don't think it is
needed that *I* do this particular upload.


Cyril Brulebois

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