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Re: [OSRM] Upload of D-I packages

On Tuesday 05 June 2007 00:08, Frans Pop wrote:
> After those have been built, I can upload D-I itself.

D-I has been uploaded yesterday. Current status is:
- uploaded/installed: i386, ia64, mipsel, sparc
- failed alpha, arm, hppa, powerpc, s390
- need build: m68k (likely to fail), mips (likely to succeed)

Reason for the failures is a known issue with w3m in Sarge, which does not 
like not being able to write to a home directory or some such. We've had 
the same problem for the previous Sarge update (20050317sarge1).

For these issues I strongly suggest doing porter uploads. It's not like 
it's a priority to fix this issue for oldstable.
I can take care of hppa and s390 myself; Dann will build/coordinate the 
other arches.

For powerpc the error is different, but Dann Frazier says that he's seen 
it for the kernel builds as well. This could be a buildd issue. Dann has 
already done a successful local build which could be uploaded.

Without strong reactions against, we will proceed with porter uploads.


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