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[SRM] upload of D-I packages


Today I have uploaded a first batch of packages for an update of Debian 
Installer in stable.

Kernel udeb updates for 2.6.18 for all release architectures based on the 
kernel upload to stable by Dann. These are all now awaiting new 

I will also need to upload _kernel module_ udeb updates, but that can only 
been done after loop-aes has been built for stable and passed NEW (was 
uploaded today).

I've also uploaded the following udebs:
- debian-installer-utils
- cdrom-detect
  Together add support for certain USB CD drives that are currently not
  detected by the installer.
- user-setup
  Fix issue where some commands cannot be executed in Gnome because
  gksu alternatives were not being set up correctly. Hinders admin
  work on systems set up inactive root account.
- apt-setup
  Fix needed so that Etch can still be installed when it is oldstable.
- choose-mirror
  Mirror list update.
- partman-auto
- partman-partitioning
  Important fixes for translation errors that could seriously mislead
  users during installation (previously approved on the list).


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