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Re: Binary-only upload of libsdl-erlang on mips

On 5/30/07, Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
Hi Sergei,

This points to a sourceful bug in either libsdl-erlang or in erlang.
Rebuilding libsdl-erlang on mips in unstable does *not* fix the problem that
all of the libsdl-erlang binaries in *stable* were built against an earlier
erlang, and have a dependency on erlang-base (>= 1:11.b.1-1) |
erlang-base-hipe (>= 1:11.b.1-1).  If erlang versions are not
backwards-compatible, then there needs to be proper handling of such
transitions in the erlang packages -- preferably by providing erlang
packages (virtual or real) with an "abiname" that packages such as
libsdl-erlang can depend on in the manner of shared libraries.

Thanks for the idea about virtual package. We'll adopt it in the next
erlang package version.

There seems to already be some measure of support for this in the form of
'erlang-depends', so once erlang itself is fixed, binNMUs for libsdl-erlang
are certainly an option; but I'm not going to schedule a binNMU that
effectively paints over this issue.

OK. I got it.

Sergei Golovan

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