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Re: when is glibc planned for Lenny?

Kamaraju S Kusumanchi wrote:
> Tshepang Lekhonkhobe wrote:
>> Hi,
>> http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/testing.pl?package=glibc told me that
>> glibc is in freeze. What is the delay?
> Thanks for asking this. I would also like to know the answer. I am waiting
> for texmacs to trickle into testing. But the major block for that seems to
> be glibc according to
> http://bjorn.haxx.se/debian/testing.pl?package=texmacs

As you can see on that page, glibc isn't even been build on all architectures
yet... The freeze is only in effect because accompanying udebs need manual
action to be transitioned at about the same time.



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