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Re: [SRM] kernel updates for oldstable

On Saturday 26 May 2007 18:20, dann frazier wrote:
> Since we're spinning d-i anyway, I thought I'd see if we could get
> some other non-security changes in there anyway. We've had some stuff
> queued for way too long (since before sarge released even).

The main question that comes to mind regarding this is if it is still 
really relevant to do these updates now that Sarge is oldstable. After 
all, anybody running Sarge and affected by these issues will have long 
since worked around them in some way or other.
Maybe it would be better to just let known issues remain known issues at 
this stage?

Note that I don't have any real objection either, just this general 
reservation. Especially given the general trueism that any change brings 
the risk of other regressions.

Of course, it is a real pity that we (as a distro) have not been able to 
address these issues earlier than this.


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