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permission to upload debram to stable-proposed-updates

Debram gives its users metadata regarding etch packages.
For best accuracy, debram is best last updated after the
release rather than before.  For this reason, would you
let me update

    Source: debram
    Package: debram
    Package: debram-data

for etch r1?

Nothing depends or build-depends on the debram packages.
If you permit this upload, you can expect no trouble
from it.  The diff against stable debram is minimal,
sufficient to update debram's metadata fully for etch
and, unless you forbid it, to correct known data errors.
The update alters the debram binary only by refreshing
its version string.  It is a data-only update.
Permission to upload to stable-proposed-updates is

For relevant history, refer to Steve Langasek's brief message

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