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Re: TLS support [was Re: Unidentified subject!]

On Fri, May 18, 2007 at 03:20:00PM +0200, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   You were previously made aware[0] that glibc-2.6 needs TLS to be
> implemented for your ports to build and work properly, sadly this is
> still not the case for m68k, and insufficient for Hurd in the current
> state.

The last time this came up, someone said they would work on it for m68k.
That apparently hasn't happened.

>   We want to release lenny with glibc 2.6 (see discussion with the
> Release Team in [1]), and it has been released upstream yesterday.  We
> don't plan an upload to unstable immediately, we already have to make
> glibc 2.5 reach lenny first.  Though, we hope to make the first uploads
> during DebConf.
>   Bringing a new glibc upstream into Debian is a lot of work, and
> waiting for m68k and Hurd to support TLS properly is sadly not an option
> we can consider.

I would like to help out on this issue since it doesn't seem like it
will get done by someone else. Is there any documentation available
for porting TLS to a new architecture? I have a basic understanding
of the concepts but not the implementation details. Presumably the
order of work needs to be 1) fix binutils, 2) fix gcc, 3) fix glibc.
If this is correct, I can pull the source for binutils and start
taking a look. Is there anyone that would be a good contact point
for questions about this once I start looking at it? I presume there
are also specific versions of each package that need to be fixed,
not just whatever is current from upstream.

	Brad Boyer

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