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poppler transition

I am going to upload poppler 0.5.4 to unstable.

As I discussed in debian-release[1] I will introduce debian specific
SONAME, but only when ABI will change.  For now I will keep it same as
upstream ie. 1:0:0, since we never had that in unstable.

Unfortunately API of libpoppler has changed as well, so you will need to
apply appropriate patches or use newer upstream versions.  This also has
been discussed and Steve's opinion was that since it's only small amount
of packages depends on libpoppler-dev, we should not change -dev library

Affected source packages:

Package: abiword
Package: pdfcube
Package: popplerkit.framework
Package: referencer
Package: tetex-bin
Package: texlive-bin
Package: tracker

1. http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2006/10/msg00029.html
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