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binNMUs needed for python libs ? (Was: Bug#423794: FTBFS: Src/spmatrixmodule.c:13:37: error: Numeric/arrayobject.h: No such file or directory)

[ Summary:
pysparse fails to build from source because python-numeric doesn't
include /usr/include/python2.5/Numeric/arrayobject.h (python-numeric
only has files for python 2.3 and 2.4, not 2.5).

On 14/05/07 at 14:34 -0400, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> > > Have you tried rebuilding python-numeric with python 2.5, then building
> > > pysparse?  I notice that python-numeric does not appear in
> > > http://people.debian.org/~lucas/logs/2007/05/13/ , nor in any other
> > > subdir of http://people.debian.org/~lucas/logs/2007/ , so it seems not.
> > 
> > if it's not here, it just means that it never failed.
> How do we know it was ever tried?

if it's in main and is supposed to build on i386, it was tried. but
anyway, I use the packages from the archive, not the ones I built, to
build the other ones. So even if python-numeric was rebuilt, the verison
in the archive would be used to build pysparse.

> > > I see.  This is a problem with the new python build system: it's hard to
> > > tell which packages have been built with which version of python.
> > > There's no reason for me to change my python-numeric dependency, but no
> > > way for any build system to tell whether the same python-numeric package
> > > has been built for the new python.
> > > 
> > > Reclassifying this as normal.  If you can show that you built its python
> > > dependencies with 2.5, and then this failed, then I will agree that it
> > > is a bug in pysparse.
> >  
> > I'm not really a python expert. :-) But why did your package suddenly
> > start to build python 2.5 files as well ?
> When you try to build a python package, it attempts to build all of the
> current default versions.  Last Fall when I first uploaded pysparse, it
> automatically built and installed headers, .pyc files, etc. for python
> 2.3 and 2.4.
> Now there is python 2.5, so when you try to build pysparse again, it
> tries to build python 2.5 files.
> But python-numeric was built before python 2.5, so it only built
> headers, pyc etc for 2.3 and 2.4 (maybe not even 2.3, I'm not sure).  So
> in order to have python-numeric headers for python 2.5, you need to
> rebuild that package now with python 2.5.
> Otherwise, when rebuilding pysparse, it will try to build 2.5, and look
> for python-numeric 2.5 header files, but they won't be there!
> So please try building python-numeric, install the newly-built version,
> then try building pysparse.
> As I mentioned, this is a general problem with python upgrades using the
> new python build system (introduced about a year ago IIRC).  After a new
> python version enters the defaults list, attempting to rebuild an
> arbitrary python package is likely to fail, unless all of its
> dependencies have been rebuilt and uploaded first.
> Please verify that it builds as I described above (when you rebuild and
> install python-numeric first), then we can close this bug.

After discussing that with Pierre Habouzit, it seems that binNMUs are
needed for all python-* packages which are arch:any, support python 2.5,
and include files in /usr/lib/python?.?. (at least python-numeric needs
this binNMU)

But I would prefer if someone more knowledgeable that me on python stuff
could confirm :-)
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