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Re: Is it possible to get a fix for libc6 and nfs-kernel-server into etch r1?

Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> From my point of view the patch looks correct as it has been applied
> upstream and is now in unstable. However, it looks like nobody has
> really tried the glibc with this patch applied to make sure it fixes
> *this* bug.


I did rebuild the etch glibc package with the patch applied and I can
confirm that it fixes this (leak in innetgr) bug. You can find the fixed
libc6 packages at:


Or did you mean "no debian developer" with 'nobody'?



PS: sorry for breaking the mail threading but I didn't receive your mail
in my inbox (might be a greylisting thing) and this webmail app doesn't
support adding In-Reply-To headers.

Rik Theys

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