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Using revisions to update software

Hello there.

Well ... everybody knows, but it is never too much to thank all the
people behind debian etch's release and their contributions to debian.

I raised long ago the question about kernel updates and received
confirmation about it's update somewhere in the mid of etch's release

Now i am going to ask ... what about other software, mainly high level
I am thinking something like openoffice, network-manager or samba.

maybe openoffice is not that great example, but i mean software that has
some nice updates ( for example network manager now has real vpn
support) without configuration changes and they are stable.

I mean, instead of getting stuff in backports, there are some packages
that could have some update during etch's cycle.
Debian can improve it's release during it's life cycle by updating some
software that has improvements and that *don't* break. Minor updates
( for example in trac, that has a new version with improved mysql
support) can improve the usability of the packages.

This is predicted by stable-proposed updates, right?

best regards

Luis Matos

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