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Re: upcoming oldstable/stable kernel updates

On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 10:19:15PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Monday 30 April 2007 23:44, dann frazier wrote:
> >   Just a note that the next 2.6.8 kernel update for sarge includes an
> > ABI change. 2.4.27 updates are coming, but I do not believe the 2.4
> > ABI will change.
> /me curses, but not very loudly

So quiet, I didn't even hear it :)

> Ah, well. What's another D-I release...
> I really hope that 2.4 ABI will remain unchanged as we can then probably 
> only rebuild the 2.6.8 kernel udebs, which I can massbuild myself. 
> Rebuilding 2.4 would require individual builds by porters.
> Is the nature of the 2.4 security issues such that we can get away with 
> not rebuilding it or are the so severe that we should?

I don't think so, but I'm still early in the 2.4 work.
I'll let you know at the first sign of a d-i-important issues
(including ABI changes, of course).

If required, I can certainly do the same lkdi builds I did last time,
but powerpc/2.4 (build requires 2.4 kernel runtime) and m68k will still be
a pain.

> >  A security update for etch is also about to release - it includes no
> > ABI change. However, the plan is to include a few ABI changing patches
> > in the first point s-p-u update. Its unclear when an s-p-u upload will
> > happen - I'm working with aba to organize this.
> Yes, I was expecting that some time ago to be honest...

And unfortunately I still don't have an ETA. I need to poke aba again
about using t-p-u.

fyi, I uploaded a -12etch2 security build for klecker last night, I
expect it to be ready to release in about a week.

> For both, just let me (the list) know when the kernel packages are 
> available in (sarge-)p-u and I'll do the necessary changes for D-I.
> I _will_ need some time for uploads and builds, so the SRMs should not 
> count on being able to release quickly after the kernel packages are 
> available.

At least, not a release that includes those kernel packages. fyi,
those packages are still stuck in NEW. But, I can make those builds
available to you now if you'd like to get started before they release.

> With these changes I'd like to also consider the following changes for 
> D-I:
> - rebuild of choose-mirror for both sarge and etch to get latest mirror
>   data
> - add support "oldstable" as suite in choose-mirror for sarge
> - backport the "resize ext3 partitions" support from trunk to etch
> Eventually I'd also like to ensure "oldstable lenny" support, but there's 
> no real rush for that (yet :-)
> Comments?
> Cheers,

Thanks Frans.

dann frazier

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