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Re: libpq5 binNMUs, second round

On Sat, Apr 28, 2007 at 08:19:05PM +0200, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> "rebuild against libpq5" (many due to maintainer's build env OOD):

>   ipac-ng_1.31-4, +b1, alpha ia64 mips sparc
>   libgda3_2.99.5-1, +b1, i386
>   mapnik_0.4.0-1, +b1, amd64
>   qgis_0.8.0-2, +b1, i386
>   dovecot_1:1.0.0-1, +b1, amd64
>   pdns_2.9.21-1, +b1, i386
>   aolserver4-nspostgres_4.0-4, +b1, i386
>   pgpool2_1.0.2-1, +b1, i386
>   postfix_2.4.0-3, +b1, i386
>   guile-pg_0.16-4, +b2, hppa
>   proftpd-dfsg_1.3.0-22, +b1, i386
>   grass_6.2.1-2, +b1, i386
>   mnogosearch_3.2.41-1, +b1, i386

Scheduled, along with whichever others turned up in a grep-dctrl.

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