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orage: stable update needed perhaps?


There is a memory leak in orage which is a calendaring app for Xfce.  It
was fixed in October by upstream so unstable's version is unaffected but
sadly etch is affected.

It leaks memory every second and a user found this and reported it.
It's not a huge amount but obviously if you leave your clock running and
your X session open for a month then it may cause issues.

The patch is fairly trivial and is in the bug report.

I'm not sure if this qualifies for an etch update or not given the small
size of the leak.

AFAICT for an update for stable, I should rebuild it for stable which I
have done in a stable pbuilder.  I've tested that it does indeed fix it
in a stable chroot and so has the bug submitter on a real install.

It's targetted at stable which is what the developers' reference said.
Does proposed-updates get autobuilt?

Anyway the bug is:

If it looks ok (see the last bits on the bug report) then let me know
what I should do next.



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