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proposed sqlite and neon transitions

Hi Release-Team!

 Both transition is big because a lot of packages use them, so they may
not be carried out for Lenny.
About SQLite2, it is rarely supported, but its transition would require
porting packages depending on it to SQLite3. I don't know yet if it's
easy or not, upstreams plan to do it or not. Need more investigations.
Speaking of neon 2.5 to neon 2.6 is close to be OK, but there are know
problems. The most known is OpenOffice.org, which builds with neon 2.6,
but crashes sometimes regarding webdav support. Thus this needs
clarification as well. I will post here if I know more.

 I have question about Sarge/oldstable. I took over maintainership of
rdesktop, which is affected by the libx11-6 1.0.3-7 security fix. Just
as VICE, a Commodore emulator. If I prepare an update for Sarge/Etch,
can I change the maintainer field in both or should it look like that
the old maintainer does the update?


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