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Re: mutt/1.5.13-3 for etch r1?

Re: Julien Danjou 2007-04-14 <20070414143918.GF3201@abydos.adm.naquadah.org>
> > Is that ok for a stable update? (If so, propagating the unstable
> > version to p-u is ok.)
> Even if I think it should be fine, unfortunately,
> point release are about RC bugs.
> Not sure annoying bug would be considered as RC.. :-/

The version in unstable was actually targeted at etch, only that I had
uploaded only on the very-deep-freeze day. Otherwise I think it would
have been accepted. I had pondered upgrading the bug to RC, but we
decided it was not annoying enough to warrant disturbing the release,
but I think it is annoying enough for a stable update.

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